Welcome to Preschool! 2018-19

Welcome to Preschool!

Welcome to Immanuel Lutheran Preschool!  There is an exciting year awaiting, designed to promote and enhance your child’s growth and development.  This very important year promises to be one filled with discovery as your child works and plays in an environment that is warm, safe and challenging.  Our main focus is to prepare your child for Kindergarten and beyond while having fun and providing a wonderful experience for both you and your child.

At ILPS, we strive to offer a quality, nurturing, and productive learning environment for our preschooler.  Your child will have the opportunity to learn and play with his/her peers in a variety of different ways.  various activities, both teacher led and student initiated, will allow for your child to grow into an independent preschooler.  Our curriculum is based on the concepts of STREAM (science, technology, religion, engineering, art, mathematics).  Every month we will have a different theme broken down into weekly lessons.  Some topics covered throughout the school year include ‘improving the Places We Live and Work’  ‘Thinking Outside the Box’, ‘Cutting-Edge inventions and Ideas’ and much more!  This approach will allow us to spend a great deal of time on different projects, reading, and play related to each topic.  When appropriate, special activities will be incorporated into our day (special snacks, visitors, activities etc…).  Although we are open from 6am-6pm, to take full advantage of our curriculum it is best to have your child at school before 9am.

To ensure the most successful and productive school year, ILPS follows certain rules, regulations, and policies.  These policies are for the safety of your child, other children in the program, as well as the teachers.  You can find all of our policies in the Immanuel Lutheran Preschool Family Handbook.  Also, make sure you have a school calendar and note the days we will be closed.  If you do not have a handbook or calendar you can pick one up in the school office, or download one from our website.

Communication between school and home is extremely important to each child’s success so we encourage you to contact us at any time if you have any concerns regarding your child.

We are looking forward to a fantastic school year!


Brook Boen


Immanuel Lutheran Preschool