2 year old’s classroom newsletter

Miss Ashlee & Miss Natalie’s

September Newsletter

Our school year has started and our kiddos are loving it! If you are not familiar with STREAM

you can give our director, Brook, a call and she can fill you in on all of the incredible corners of our learning system!

2’s Classroom News

We have jumped into the alphabet pool! This month we will be learning the letters; D, E, F, G. We are also learning numbers, shapes, and sounds!

We have many activities planned that are hands-on so be ready to see more things come home or hung up in the classroom!

A Note From Your Teachers

  • We have a couple students that have not brought in school supplies. If you need the supply list we can give you a list or you can find it on our webpage!
  • Dates to remember this month:
  • Sunday, Sept 9- Christian Education Day. (see school newsletter)
  • Monday, Sept 10- Grandparents Day!
  • Friday, Sept 14- Last Ice cream truck visit @3:30
  • Wednesday, Sept 17- Rolla Public Library is coming to our school!


Contact Information

Our Web Pagewww.ilsrolla.org

Our Facebook Page: Immanuel Lutheran Early Education

Director Brook:

Cell: (573)368-8427

Office: (573)364-3915

Email: director@ilsrolla.org

(Afternoon teacher)

Miss Natalie:

Cell: (573)261-1771

Email: natalie.rhyneer@ilsrolla.org

(Morning teacher)

Miss Ashlee:

Cell: (573)612-9732

Email: ashlee.dicus@ilsrolla.org